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Basisch in and out - SONDERANGEBOT

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Basisch in and out - SONDERANGEBOT

Pro Top Base is a fermented beverage with probiotic lactic acid bacteria from Jerusalem artichoke juice together with bitter herbs according to Hildegard von Bingen., no artificial colors or preservatives, no added sugar, 500 ml violet glass bottle.

Pro Top Base has an immediate antioxidant effect and supports the natural cleansing and regeneration of the intestinal flora. It has a very high proportion of antioxidants and a broad spectrum of effects in the gut. The nutrients are already processed by the microbacteria and there is no more bloating.

In addition, the Hildegard von Bingen bitter herbs provide a multitude of effecitve help to your organs. Because of the European health claim order, we are unfortunately not allowerd to say more about it. Please refer to naturalist literature. The used bitter herbs are: Horehound, artichoke, St. Benedict´s thistle, buckbean, cinchona bark, gentian root, angelica, galangale, ginger, cardamon seeds, curcuma, dandelion and milk thistle herb.

Jerusalem artichoke contains inulin that lactobacilli and bifidobacteria use for propagation. Inulin is a prebiotic fiber and supports the symbiotic control. It can be used for cleansing and re-establishing the intestinal flora. The active cultures, alongside the "good" bacteria, support the small intestine and colon (Prebiotik). Inulin is non-reliant on Insolin and, with the other nutrients, helps to improve the intestinal flora.

The amazingly high antioxidant value comes especially from the long-term fermentation. Prof. Manfred Hoffmann - book "Food quality and health" - analyzed, measured and confirmed Pro Top antioxidants' high antioxidant and reducing power .

Works with dense and fine matter (intestine and cells).

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Directions for use:
once daily 10 to 15 ml diluted with water or juice

A sediment may form during fermentation. Changes in taste and turbidity have no effect on the quality and effectiveness.

Store in a refrigerator.

Ingredients: Jerusalem artichoke juice* 98%, bitter herbes*, lactic mikrobacteria*
* from controlled organic farming

Made in Germany.

Nutritional values

average per 100 g


25 KJ /6 kcal


0,19 g

of which unsaturates

0-0,1 g


0,19 g

of which sugars

0-0,1 g




  0,6 g

Sodium/ salt

<0,01 g

Delivery time: ca. 1-3 business days (DE)

Order number: 1035S
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